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Supporting you through pregnancy and the early stages of motherhood
Pregnant? Helpful advice from mums for mums-to-be
'UK Pregnancy' was put together to provide mums-to-be with information that would normally be sourced from books and magazines on pregnancy once you discover that you are pregnant. We thought it would be helpful to have all this information combined in one website that is easy to navigate and also offers advice and tips along the way. As mums ourselves, we felt we would be able to offer, not only researched factual information about pregnancy, but also from a more personal point of view, our own experiences (good and bad).
We take you through from planning a pregnancy to the joys of discovering you are pregnant, from the not-so-nice symptoms of pregnancy, to preparing for your little arrival. We will help you with what to expect during labour and the different forms of pain relief available. We discuss issues such as immunisation, breast or bottle feeding and take you through the first few weeks at home with your new baby. Along the way we will provide you with top tips from mums and we even have a section with actual birth stories.
We found that some of the best advice we got was from other mums. It makes sense as they have already been through the experience of pregnancy and birth. If you are having particular emotional or physical worries during your pregnancy it can be helpful to hear that you are not alone and that there are other women experiencing the same problems.
At 'UK Pregnancy' we aim to provide you with all the essential current information that you may need for planning during, and just after your pregnancy.
maternity wear
Stay looking good during your pregnancy. We provide links and info to some top maternity fashion clothing sites.
newborn essentials
Prepare for your new baby with these fantastic products such as prams, pushchairs, cots, bedding, car seats and nursery furniture.
clothes for baby
Children grow very quickly. Kit them out with some great quality shoes, bodysuits, bibs, vests, hats, bottoms & socks.
educational toys
Keep your baby
amused and
teach them at
the same time.
kid's savings plans
Save for you baby's education, marriage or first house with Baby Bonds, Savings Plans and tax-exempt savings which grow along side your child.
your child
There are countless
names to choose from.
Click here for links to help you decide a name for your baby.
maternity leave
what are you entitled to?
maternity benefits
how much do you get?
Money, tax and benefits,
what are your rights?
Find out the facts
depending on
your situation.
help to quit
the smoking
Help to stop smoking!
It's a proven fact that smoking harms both you and your baby. Get help to stub out this unhealthy and dirty habit for good.
local childcare
Returning to work?
Find out National and
Local Childcare
information in the UK by entering your postcode.
get back into shape
Get support and advice from the experts on healthy eating and how to lose weight in a relaxed and positive way.
frequently asked questions
A list of questions and answers in simple format.
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